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Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test
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NATIONWIDE EDUCATION AND SCHOLARSHIP TEST (N.E.S.T.) is a co-operative and collaborative effort – an initiative of the S. U. Foundation of India – to help out students who are committed and determined and who display signs of excellence in their studies.

With NEST initiative, it is tried to allow the exceptionally gifted and promising students to pursue their studies without the worries of financial constraints. However, to achieve this, they need to undergo the standard test of NEST every year. Thus, if they perform to a certain level of excellence in the NEST, they are not only accorded with accolades and recognition by awarding them Appreciation Certificates by the hands of a renowned person of knowledge, art or enterprise, but they are also given Cash Awards of substantial amount. The main purpose of NEST is to inspire, encourage, help and guide students to perform better in their academics.

NEST has evolved and improvised in the last few years. We are putting our best efforts to achieve complete awareness of this scheme of scholarships among all students throughout the country. Though, due to currently limited resources, SEMCI could take NEST to only a few major cities this year, viz. Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Chennai and other State Capitals of the country as mentioned in our advertisements. But, it has ambitious plans to reach out to all big and small cities and towns of India to benefit the entire community of students at all levels of education and in all disciplines in every college, institute and university of this country.
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